Have you ever thought what food you buy and eat every day?
Are you sure the product is fresh even if it’s packed? Are all kinds of food are of high quality, safe and nutritious? To what extend are the products treated with chemical substances?

We would like to introduce you Peres – the first electronic nose in the world that helps you to determine quality of meat, poultry and fish.
Peres helps to determine are these products are sound and suitable to use - this reduces the risk of food poisoning.
It’s a device that helps everyone who cares about nutrition of themselves and their loved ones to quickly evaluate what they are going to eat themselves or offer their family or quests.

After the collaboration of ARS LAB and scientists which took more than a year the working prototype has become a finished product. Today the electronic nose is not only a dream and the answer of many everyday questions of the consumer it’s also a small beautiful device which is equipped with sensor array and uses Bluetooth technology to transfer data.

Peres smells the organic compounds of carbohydrates and nitrogen which decompose during the process when food goes bad and using many algorithms identifies the level of safety of the product, for example whether the product is safe of dangerous to consume, how many dangerous chemical element and toxic substances the product has.
Moreover the electronic nose Peres helps to evaluate the nutrients in a product

Peres transfers data to a smartphone where software analysis the received results and presents to the user in a clear, understandable and simple way. The electronic nose is the compact and easy to use device and can be connected to smart devices.

You don’t need any special skills or knowledge if you want to use this electronic nose - Peres uses a simple and user-friendly application which is clear for every user.

In comparison with other industrial equipment the electronic nose Peres is 100 times cheaper and 10 times smaller.


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